Generating Insert Statements from MYSQL to be Run on SQL Server

By Endy Tjahjono. Last update 01 Aug 2013.

I need to copy data from a table in a MYSQL database to a table with the same structure in a SQL Server database. Looks like my best bet to do it is to use MYSQLDUMP to generate insert statements, then run those insert statements in SQL Server.

MYSQLDUMP has a LOT of parameters. So after perusing 6 pages of parameter documentations and some trial and errors, this is the set of parameters that produced insert statements that can be readily run in SQL Server (MYSQL version 5.6.10):

mysqldump -hMYSQLHOST -uMYSQLUSERNAME -pMYSQLPASSWORD --no-create-info --complete-insert --skip-extended-insert --skip-quote-names --compact MYSQLDBNAME MYSQLTABLENAME

--no-create-info tells MYSQL that I don’t need create table statements.

--complete-insert tells MYSQL to include column names in the insert statements.

--skip-extended-insert tells MYSQL to add INSERT INTO ... for each row instead of MYSQL style of one INSERT INTO ... followed by multiple values.

--skip-quote-names tells MYSQL to not put backticks around table and column names.

--compact tells MYSQL to not write locking statements, comments, character set statements, etc. around the insert statements.

Example of output:


BUT! If your data has some string and the string contains single quote ', it is converted to backslash quote \' instead of the SQL standard two single quotes ''.

I haven’t found an easy solution for that except mass replacing:

  1. \r\n with real carriage return line feed
  2. \" with "
  3. \' with ''
  4. \\ with \

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